Brin 2.0: get involved!
Have you ever wanted to be part of a big, Hollywood-studio production? If so, you've come to the wrong place. But, if you are an adventuresome soul who likes being on the cutting edge of new media, then this is the place for you.

Brin 2.0 is a revolutionary new paradigm in the video podcasting arena. It is an open-source-like project where viewers from around the world can get involved in the production of future episodes of the Adventures of Thomas Brin. How's that possible, you may ask?

New Media: more than just podcasting, blogging, and social networking

As the Creator and Executive Producer of the Thomas Brin series, Jeff Sayre wanted to create a mechanism that goes beyond the traditional social networking tools of today's hot sites. Brin 2.0 is a way for fans to get involved directly with our production efforts.

In typical Web 2.0 style, the Thomas Brin website offers several means for fans to participate--the Blogging with Brin Blog, the Frappr map, the CloudCity Forum. But we believe this is insufficient.

Whereas tagging, commenting, Twittering, subscribing, sharing and all the rest are great social tools, the real promise of the new media paradigm is providing users with a truly rich, participatory experience. When it comes to video podcasting, especially innovative, episodic fictional creations like Thomas Brin, we believe that most new media properties have yet to deliver on that promise.

Changing the vodcast paradigm

Producing an episodic, Internet-based movie series like Thomas Brin is a daunting task. There are a myriad number of tasks, skills, and technical obstacles that must be successfully managed. To give you a glimpse into the challenge, Episode 3 of Thomas Brin (which lasts just shy of 9 minutes), took over 750 hours to produce. So, how can we increase the frequency with which future episodes are released?

That's the beauty of Brin 2.0. As the project adds more people with appropriate skills, more episodes can be produced (and released!) in a shorter amount of time.

Brin 2.0 may very well be the first of its kind--a new media vodcast property that is globally produced! It is new media by the people and for the people!

Here's what we're looking for:

Here are some of the skills and responsibilities the project needs:

    • Animators (Bryce 6.1, Alias, Cinema 4D, Vue 6 Infinite)
    • Shake Compositors
    • Matte Artists (using whatever software you like to create Thomas-Brin-looking mattes)
    • Musicians (work with the Thomas Brin score and make it better)
    • Audio Engineers (create the soundtrack mix)
    • Writers (help Thomas Brin with your words)
    • Post-production Managers (help manage a subset of the post-production process)
    • Assistant Producers (help organize and manage a subset of the overall series production)
    • Editors (edit a part or whole episode)
    • Marketing (help get the word out about Thomas Brin)

  • And a final, exciting, monumental challenge for a daring (and talented) person or two:

    • 2nd Location Directors (create a new Thomas Brin studiage to shoot additional stories with new actors!)

  • The requirements for each position are somewhat vague at this time since we are a small group and need help. However, all episodes are shot in HD (actually HDV) on a virtual greenscreen set and edited on Mac computers using Final Cut Studio and Shake. Anyone interested in shooting Thomas Brin footage or editing must conform to these platform standards. In addition, anyone applying to create a 2nd Location Studiage must have sufficient greenscreen experience.

    What you get

    Thomas Brin is a labor of love, a wonderful learning experience, and an exciting, innovative new media project. All production team members volunteer their time and talent for free. Any resource a team member needs (software, hardware, food) must be provided by that team member at their cost. To date, we have not earned a single penny and you should not expect to be compensated for your efforts. It's just like any typical open source project in that respect.

    Whereas working on the production team is a volunteer, non-paying position, you will be part of a project that is catching worldwide attention. That should be exciting enough!

    Are you Game?

    If you are bold and daring enough, like to work in tight garage spaces, are a science fiction devotee, and are eager to get involved in a pioneering new media project, then we encourage you to become part of the global Thomas Brin project. To do so, you need to apply on the Brin 2.0 project page. And to do that, you first must become a member of Thomas Brin's CloudCity Community. It's easy to join and free!

    When you apply to be a team member, a current team member with proven skills in a particular area will evaluate your work to see if your skills are suitable for the current quality-level of the project. If you're not accepted into a particular area, you can still help out in another.

    Will my efforts or skills be used?

    That depends on what the project requires at any given time. With each new episode, we're determined to increase production quality. That means as the series progresses, the project will require members with higher-level talents.

    What does this mean for you? Well, whereas our production quality and sophistication went up several levels during the overall production of episode 3, we still have a long way to go. This means that if you have suitable, medium-level skills right now, you can get involved and grow with the project. In several years, the project and your skills will have improved significantly!

    As always, the best way to maximize your opportunity for usefulness is to read and participate in the Brin 2.0 Project board.

    Is Brin 2.0 truly Open Source?

    Well, not really. The Adventures of Thomas Brin is vodcast cinema, not software. Unlike software which can be easily compressed into a single file and downloaded, movie projects contain hundreds of raw files, many of them too large for download. Whereas the final product (each episode) is free to download and watch, the source media (raw video files, animation files, composite files, music files, script files, etcetera) are not available for downloading. They remain the property of the project.

    Brin 2.0 is better defined as open-source like. Meaning that people from around the world can freely get involved in the project. So "open" means all who wish to work hard and have a needed skill are free to volunteer. "Source" means the opportunity to create new source material for the project.

    Who owns the content?

    The final product, the episodes themselves, remain property of the Thomas Brin project, owned and operated by As Brin 2.0 gets underway, SayreMedia will reattribute its rights to Thomas Brin under a Creative Commons License. However, the source files, Thomas Brin brand, and management of the overall project will remain in SayreMedia's control.

    All original work of project team members remain their property but must be attributed under a Creative Commons License and provided to the Thomas Brin project for free without any restrictions. Team members who work on composting, editing, or 2nd Location Directors fall into a special category. Their efforts, whereas still volunteer and provided for free, are considered part of SayreMedia ownership.