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A future where machines and "biotics" are in conflict. Thomas Brin is a man who thinks he is a machine. The feel is reminiscent of Jules Verne and Doctor Who. We're still getting used to the world, but from the world building so far, I am confident that we will continue to see inspirationally good special effects work and an intriguingly executed concept.

- Reviewed on NetWork2.TV (

The Adventures of Thomas Brin is an incredibly ambitious production from Jeff Sayre [of]. A sci-fi story that tells the story of a future man who believes he's a machine, the best way I can describe this is either as a very shoestring budget Sky Captain, or perhaps more fittingly Dr. Who meets Peter Greenaway (which is meant as a compliment). Shot against green screen, live actors are placed against computer-generated sets.

It's incredibly difficult to do great sci-fi on the cheap, because this is one area where the money behind the George Lucas' of the world really make the difference, and it becomes an unfair comparison. But, after two episodes, I kept the feed subscribed--which is more than I can say for a lot of the shows I watch. It'll be interesting to see how future episodes play out.

- Steve Coulson, Reviewed by PodGuide.TV (

The Adventures of Thomas Brin, from, is a sci-fi vlog serial in the tradition of Doctor Who. I love the flat space full of windows, doors and other frames. We've lost something with realistic CGI in movies: the deterritorialization that happens with "bad" effects.

- Will Luers, Reviewed by Taylor Street Studio (

Fan Reviews

Oh my God! It’s dope. It’s Buck Rogers meets Logan’s Run.

- Antonio & Serenity, audio podcast couple from

A very high-quality show. More than I expected in a podcast.

- Bob432, iTunes Store customer review

Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! I hope more episodes are coming soon!

- arlander, iTunes Store customer review

I like the way this has been produced within the budget and capabilities of practically anyone.

- Tim, Super Moderator, Cool Sci-Fi Forums (Cool Sci-Fi Forums)

This is just the kind of content I've wanted since 1983 when I bought my first computer

- T. Swalm

We all love the show and just can't wait for the next episode. Hurry up already! So a big science-fictiony wave to you all from England.

- G. Charlton

Hey, just wanted to let you know that I've now watched both episodes of Gardens of Tomorrow and think they're great! You've done an excellent job please, please continue!

- R. MacRae

As a scientist, I love science fiction--it gives me suggestions, intuitions. I especially love metaphysical stories involving the issue of self-consciousness, the consciousness of a machine. I really enjoyed the first two parts of your podcast movie--the Adventures of Thomas Brin. It is really beautiful, with an airy sensation of space, of 3D, of light. Not just the computer work is very beautiful, but the actors are really good! And the music too...

- Dr. G. M. D'Ariano