Sponsor Thomas Brin
Do you have a product or service that appeals to viewers of the video podcast the Adventures of Thomas Brin? We'll make this easy for you--the answer is most likely yes.

If your business is seriously thinking about spending some of its precious advertising budget on net advertising, then you've probably already discovered the market demographics for bloggers, audio podcasters, and video podcasters. In case you have not yet found the data, here are two brief reports to help you begin to understand the marketing potential of advertising on new media properties: Nielsen//NetRatings and Podtrac survey results.

Brin Growing in Global Exposure

The Adventures of Thomas Brin has been downloaded and viewed just over 1.5 million times (as of February 2007). That is an amazing accomplishment since it has never been uploaded to YouTube, MySpace, or any other video-sharing directory. What's even more interesting is that about 30% of viewers are from Europe and Asia. The number of downloads remains relatively stable at about 100k new downloads each month. That equates to approximately 3,300 unique downloads per day.

All viewers download Thomas Brin directly from the SayreMedia server. That means we control the viewers' experience and what advertisements or sponsor's messages can be displayed.

Although we will entertain advertising placement, what we prefer is developing relationships with long-term sponsors. We like the idea of a company sponsoring a particular episode. This means that the sponsor's message will be the only message displayed within a given episode. Imagine the possibilities of your message staying with a given episode over the years.

If you are interested in sponsoring a current or future episode of Thomas Brin, which could include product placement, please contact us.