SayreMedia and vodcast cinema
Thomas Brin had its humble start in July 2005 when video podcasting was in its infancy. As such, this surreal, episodic science fiction series is one of the first independent movie series to be published exclusively on the Internet.

We call our genre of independent movie making vodcast cinema--a term we coined in August of 2005 to describe independent movie making for Internet-only delivery through the medium of video podcasts. Vodcast cinema is movie-making at its rawest. It focuses on pioneering cheap but effective ways to produce good-quality, entertaining content. When it comes to Internet movie making, vodcast cinema is all about applying techniques that are relatively easy to learn and using equipment that is relatively affordable. It creates an entirely different production mindset made possible by new production and distribution technologies.

Unlike major studios that create webisodes spun off from their popular TV-based shows, new media visionaries create original content exclusively for broadband distribution. After all, the Internet is a more powerful, more flexible, more cost effective distribution platform than traditional television. The Internet as platform allows viewers to watch what they want, when they want to, and on what device they wish to view it. It also allows for true interactivity, something not possible with television.

With a budget of less than one-days' worth of craft services on a typical big-budget Hollywood movie shoot, we have created a ground breaking, independent movie series. Our acclaimed Adventures of Thomas Brin video podcast series has already been downloaded over 1.5 million times and is viewed regularly on six continents--an amazing accomplishment since it has never been uploaded to YouTube, MySpace, or any other video-sharing directory.

What is even more amazing is how Thomas Brin is produced. The entire series is shot with a single camera (Sony HVR-Z1U), a simple garage greenscreen setup, basic 3-point lighting, and one PowerMac G5 computer. This single computer operated by one individual creates all the animations and background mattes, composites the scenes, creates the score, edits the final sequence, encodes the movies, and is used to program the website and upload all files to our server. I'll say that again: once the actors have done their thing, the post-production is accomplished on one computer by one person!

That's the power of new media. If literally a small handful of people can get together in an Indiana garage on a hot summer's day and launch an amazing series like the Adventures of Thomas Brin, then imagine what would be possible with just a few more dollars and people.

Of course, we're no Hollywood studio or Madison Avenue power house. But, if you are a traditional media player who would like to learn more about vodcast cinema and discuss new media projects with, please contact Jeff Sayre.